Say "No" to Snow

Secure a seasonal snow plowing contract in Kalamazoo, Portage & Mattawan, MI

Michigan residents know snow. Once winter hits, the white powder becomes a fact of life. Stay a step ahead of the brutal winter weather by securing seasonal snow plowing contracts with KF Lawn Service, LLC in Kalamazoo, Portage & Mattawan, MI. We'll arrange to plow your driveway and sidewalks, and even salt the ground before the first ice storm hits.

Make sure you set up a seasonal contract with us before snow hits-otherwise, you'll need to call well ahead of time and be on our already-scheduled route to take advantage of our snow plowing services. You'll have the option of paying per rush or one flat rate for a seasonal contract. Call today to discuss your snow removal needs with the team at Portage's KF Lawn Service, LLC.