Ready to Say Goodbye to Those Dead Trees?

Call us for tree removal services in Kalamazoo, Portage & Mattawan, MI
Tree removal doesn't have to be a big issue. At KF Lawn Service, LLC, we make the process as easy and streamlined as possible for you. If you've got a tree that's standing too close to your house, rotting or succumbing to disease, give our tree removal team a call and discuss your tree removal needs. We'll provide a free estimate and come out to your property to get the job done.

•We'll remove brush, branches and other debris from the area before we get started.
•Our team will cut down the tree and ensure it falls safely.
•We'll divide the tree into manageable pieces and haul it away.

Once the tree is gone, you'll be able to enjoy a safer, more beautiful property without worrying about the dangers of falling limbs. If you've got a tree on your Kalamazoo, Portage & Mattawan, MI property that needs to be removed, get in touch with KF Lawn Service, LLC today.